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Robbins LLP champions the rights of shareholders and consumers in challenging the self-serving interests of corporate America.

Our relationships with our clients typically begin when they sign up for Stock Watch. Our relationships grow organically through communications with our clients when we learn of wrongdoing at the companies in which they invest. Sometimes, stockholders contact us after learning about our investigations in a press release on the Internet. We appreciate referrals and have developed some of our strongest relationships through clients who enjoyed the benefit of our services.

Robbins LLP strives to provide exceptional client service. Our attorneys work in tandem with the firm’s support staff to ensure our Stock Watch participants are informed of wrongdoing affecting their securities’ holdings. Communication is key. We recommend solutions to address the damage impacting the investment, and if a stockholder chooses to take action, our attorneys will share with clients significant developments about the litigation and equip them with the information they need to make important decisions about the disposition of their cases.

What can Robbins LLP do for you?

Robbins LLP offers the following services to individual and institutional shareholders:

  • Investment Monitoring: Stock Watch

    Through Stock Watch, Robbins LLP’s investment monitoring service, individual and institutional investors learn about violations of securities laws, insider trading, accounting fraud, unfair mergers or acquisitions, and other unlawful activity, and receive evaluations of their legal rights and options – free of charge. Investors are also notified of securities fraud class action settlements and judgments impacting their investment portfolio so they may seek their portion of the monetary recovery.

  • New Case Evaluations

    Are you concerned about corporate misconduct or other potential wrongdoing at a company? Do you believe you’ve been misled to invest in a company or purchase a product as the result of statements made by individuals who run a corporation? Do you believe you’ve been harmed by the collusive actions of multiple companies?If so, Robbins LLP can investigate your claims, evaluate your options, and offer you free advice on how to redress your harm.

  • Litigation Services

    Robbins LLP’s attorneys have extensive experience litigating:

  • Remedies & Recoveries

    The options for seeking recovery from wrongdoing vary based upon the type of case you bring. Robbins LLP attorneys will discuss your recovery options when you engage our services. Remedies can include money back to the company, money to the stockholders or consumers harmed by the wrongdoing, and improved corporate governance.

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