Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance Reforms Benefit Shareholders

Corporate governance refers to the procedures and policies under which a company is directed and controlled. The corporate governance structure details the distribution of rights and responsibilities among the board of directors, executive managers, stockholders, and other stakeholders, and lays down the rules and protocols for decision-making.

Just as preventative measures, like a balanced diet and exercise, can help a person stay healthy and ward off illness and disease, sound corporate governance policies can provide a framework for accountable, efficient, and transparent management of publicly traded companies.

Robbins LLP attorneys have been the driving force behind corporate governance reforms adopted by more than 125 companies in the Fortune 1000, including:

  • Improved board oversight of operations and greater accountability
  • Enhanced policies to improve director independence
  • Enhanced whistleblower protections
  • Strengthened internal compliance policies, staffing, and reporting
  • Compensation clawbacks
  • Increased insider trading controls

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