What is an antitrust class action?

An antitrust class action is filed when several consumers or entities who have suffered an economic loss from their purchase of a product or service as a result of a violation of the antitrust laws bring a lawsuit as a group, called the class. Violations of antitrust laws include: conspiracies to restrain trade, restraints on trade, price-fixing, and price discrimination where the effects are to eliminate or weaken competition in the marketplace. To be categorized as a class action, the individuals must be similarly situated with common factual and legal concerns. All the small, individual claims get bundled into a larger case that allows individuals who may not normally bring a case on their own to recover for the company’s wrongdoing. Click here to learn more.

Who may bring an antitrust lawsuit?

An antitrust lawsuit can be brought any consumer or entity that has been harmed as a result of a violation of antitrust laws. If the court determines that the claims of the individual consumers or entities is so great that it makes sense to bring the case as a class, the court will identify an individual, or small group of individuals, to represent the class in the litigation. Click here to learn more.

What are my responsibilities as a class representative in an antitrust class action?

A class representative volunteers to represent other similarly situated consumers and entities and agrees to act in the best interests of the class.  A class representative stays informed about significant developments in the case and works with class counsel to make important strategic decisions regarding the conduct and disposition of the litigation. Click here to speak with an attorney and learn more.

Does it cost anything to bring an antitrust class action?

No. Representative plaintiffs in actions brought by Robbins LLP are not responsible for paying attorneys’ fees or expenses.  All costs and expenses of the litigation are advanced by Robbins LLP.  We only recover our fees and costs if we are successful in obtaining a substantial benefit for the class. Click here to learn more.

How do I retain Robbins LLP to represent me in an antitrust class action?

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