Antitrust Class Actions

When companies engage in price discrimination, price-fixing, monopolization or restraints— all Antitrust Law Violations— the price of goods and services surge, costing you and your business money. To ensure that prices reflect fair competition in a free-market economy and not prices inflated by backroom deals, conspiracies, and bid rigging, businesses and consumers turn to Robbins LLP’s skilled and aggressive antitrust attorneys.

Justice for Victimized Businesses and Consumers

Robbins LLP’s antitrust litigation practice is focused on representing businesses and consumers in antitrust lawsuits when they have suffered damages due to the impact of violations of federal and state antitrust laws. In an antitrust class action (Dahl v. Bain Capital Partners) against several private equity firms, including one of the largest private equity firms in the country, Robbins LLP bore the responsibility of building the case against the defendant. Accused of rigging bids, restricting the supply of private equity financing, and fixing transaction prices, the defendants yielded to the pressure after several Robbins LLP depositions and settled for more than $590 million.

Hurt by an Abusive Antitrust Violation?
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