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Know Your Rights Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

Robbins LLP is concerned about employees’ rights always, but especially now, as the COVID19 outbreak wreaks havoc on America’s workforce.  Nearly every state ordered non-essential businesses to close, resulting in unprecedented layoffs and furloughs.  When businesses re-open, they will be faced with implementing social distancing guidelines and may be slow to recover economically.  Our offices, production facilities, schools, restaurants, and nail salons will not look the same.  There are many unknowns as the country picks up the pieces and tries to reassemble some normalcy.

Many employees have never felt more vulnerable or unsure about their future.   

If you have questions about whether you were wrongfully terminated because of COVID19 or received proper compensation at the time you were laid off, we are here to help.

Has Your Employment Been Effected By COVID19? 

        • Were you laid off after a reduction in pay? If so, did you receive the full value of your PTO or vacation benefits (based off your original salary) or did you receive reduced benefits based on your new salary?
        • Are you a non-essential worker who was fired for not going to work during the COVID19 shutdown? Were you fired for the choice you made to protect yourself and your family?

    The rules governing employment law vary from state to state.  During this pandemic, the U.S. government and the individual states are providing additional support and benefits for employees.  Consulting with an employment law attorney is the best way to determine whether you were treated fairly and received the benefits you are entitled to.

    No Cost Consultation & Representation

    What does it cost to consult with an employment lawyer? Nothing. Robbins LLP offers no cost consultations and represents employees on a contingency fee basis, meaning we advance all attorney’s fees and expenses incurred by the litigation. If we are successful in obtaining a monetary recovery or substantial non-monetary benefit for the employee we will seek to have the court approve our attorney’s fee request, which will be paid by the company and/or their insurance carriers.  Robbins LLP never seeks reimbursement for attorney’s fees or costs directly from our clients.

Have you been injured due to unfair employment practices?

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