ERISA Litigation

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (“ERISA”) is a federal law to help safeguard retirement plan assets from mismanagement and misconduct by plan fiduciaries and gives participants the right to sue for benefits and breaches of fiduciary duty when their retirement savings have lost value by improper management decisions.

Protect Your Retirement Savings through ERISA Litigation

Robbins LLP’s ERISA litigation practice has a history of achieving results in complex class actions filed on behalf of employees and former employees when their retirement savings have suffered financial loss due to violations of the ERISA law.

Through effective ERISA litigation, our lawyers pursue monetary recovery for losses on behalf of plan participants and have recovered millions of dollars for clients. For example, Robbins LLP has represented employees and former employees in ERISA lawsuits involving Tyco International Ltd, Qwest Communications International Inc., and Rhodia Inc., and helped recover over $100 million in retirement savings for these classes of employees.

Contact Robbins LLP for a Free Evaluation of Your Potential Case

If you participate or have participated in an employee benefits plan offered by your employer and believe the people you entrusted to manage your retirement savings acted improperly or irresponsibly and exposed your savings to unnecessary risk and financial loss, Robbins LLP ERISA attorneys can help evaluate your claims and discuss the remedies and relief available to you. Contact our ERISA litigation attorneys.



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