Securities Fraud Class Actions

Defrauded stockholders can bring a securities fraud class action when they lose money as a result of the intentional concealment, omission, or manipulation of financial information by a public company. A securities fraud class action allows stockholders who would never bring an individual action to seek recovery from the wrongdoers without having to individually retain a lawyer and pay legal fees.

An Answer for Defrauded Shareholders

Robbins LLP attorneys have successfully prosecuted securities fraud class actions that have recovered millions of dollars for stockholders who lost money as a result of violations of securities laws.

  • In one of the largest securities fraud class action recoveries in San Diego history, Robbins LLP, serving as co-lead counsel, helped recover $61.5 million for Titan Corporation stockholders following alleged misrepresentations by certain officers and directors of the company regarding the company’s financial condition and compliance with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.
  • Serving as lead counsel, Robbins LLP secured almost $6 million on behalf of stockholders who purchased Star Scientific, Inc. stock based on misrepresentations that John Hopkins University School of Medicine was involved in the clinical development and testing of the company’s main product, which was made to secure the equity financing the company needed to stay in business.

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