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Demand Corporate Accountability

Robbins LLP is committed to the principle that the officers and directors of publicly traded corporations should be held accountable to the owners of the enterprise – the shareholders. When poor decisions, violations of corporate policies, and blatant misconduct by officers and directors cause the value of a company’s stock to decline, shareholders can seek justice.

Robbins LLP assists individual and institutional shareholders who demand corporate accountability, integrity, and honesty from their corporate executives by taking aggressive legal action to recover investment losses, remove bad acting officers and directors, improve long-term value, recoup ill-gotten gains, achieve corporate governance reforms, and vindicate shareholders’ voting rights in connection with a corporate acquisition, merger, or similar combination transaction.

A shareholder rights action is typically brought against insiders of the company, such as the executive officers, directors, or board members, who harmed the corporation through their wrongdoing. Through legal action asserting shareholders’ rights, a single shareholder can act on the company’s behalf to remedy the harm caused to shareholders, strengthen and protect the company from future wrongdoing, and improve shareholder confidence in the company’s leadership.

What is a Shareholder Derivative Action?

A shareholder derivative action is a lawsuit brought by a shareholder, or group of shareholders, for the benefit of a corporation, often to remedy breaches of fiduciary duty by corporate officers and directors. Shareholder derivative actions allow investors to hold the wrongdoers accountable to make the company whole and improve the governance practices of the company to ensure such conduct is not repeated. Remedies commonly sought in derivative actions include: corporate governance reforms designed to prevent future fiduciary misconduct; removal of officers or directors whose misconduct injured the corporation; monetary payments in the amount the company was damaged; and disgorgement of ill-gotten gains.

What is a Corporate Merger & Acquisition Class Action?

When a corporation is the target of a proposed acquisition, merger, leveraged buyout, privatization, or similar transaction that is substantively or procedurally unfair, its shareholders may be able to bring a class-action lawsuit to rectify the unfair part of the transaction and ensure that it is indeed in the shareholders’ best interests. Transaction class actions typically seek to protect shareholders’ rights to receive full and fair disclosure of material information before voting on the proposed transaction, remove impediments to a fair sale process, and improve the value of the consideration offered in the deal.

Results that Matter

    Our services on behalf of shareholders have a proven track record of protecting and enhancing shareholder rights and value, holding directors and officers accountable for corporate misconduct, and improving corporate governance at companies across the country.  Our firm’s experienced attorneys include former federal prosecutors, defense counsel from top corporate law firms, in-house counsel from leading financial institutions, and career shareholder rights litigators.  Our attorneys have litigated in almost every state in the country and are not intimidated by power financial players or an uphill battle.  We have:
      • Secured several of the largest monetary recoveries in the history of shareholder derivative litigation, including $70 million on behalf of Cardinal Health, Inc., $60 million on behalf of Community Health Systems, Inc., and $40 million on behalf of Sears Holdings Corporation
      • Obtained $500 million in additional consideration to Unocal’s stockholders as part of increased bid of $17.4 billion by Chevron Corp., and secured a $16 million settlement fund for PETCO Animal Supplies, Inc. stockholders through a class action relating to the insiders and directors’ attempt to sell the company at an unfairly low price to its own affiliates in a going private transaction
      • Helped Fortune 1000 companies pursue litigation against those that harmed them and fixed corporate governance structures
      • Worked with shareholders to improve board oversight, legal compliance, transparency, and responsiveness at more than 125 Fortune 1000 companies
      • Saved companies from bankruptcy and preserved the equity interests of shareholders

No Cost Representation

What does it cost to bring a shareholder derivative action or corporate merger & acquisition class action? Nothing. Robbins LLP represents shareholders on a contingency fee basis, meaning we advance all attorney’s fees and expenses incurred by the litigation. If we are successful in obtaining a monetary recovery or substantial non-monetary benefit for the corporation or the shareholders we represent we will seek to have the court approve our attorney’s fee request, which will be paid by the corporate defendants and/or their insurance carriers. Robbins LLP never seeks reimbursement for attorney’s fees or costs directly from our shareholder clients.

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