Whistleblower Litigation

Robbins LLP represents individuals who expose fraudulent activity including both violations of securities laws and the False Claims Act.

SEC Whistleblowers

receive substantial incentives and protection for voluntarily providing information to the SEC that leads to a successful prosecution of securities law violations.

Do you have knowledge of:

  • Manipulation of a security’s price or volume
  • Fraudulent or unregistered offer or sale of securities
  • Insider trading
  • False or misleading statements about a company
  • A company’s failure to file required reports with the SEC
  • Theft or misappropriation of funds or securities
  • Fraudulent conduct or other problems with municipal securities transactions or public pension plans
  • Bribery of foreign officials

The False Claims Act

encourages citizens to come forward with information that will help the U.S. government combat:

  • Defense contract fraud
  • Health care fraud, including Medicare and Medicaid fraud
  • Tax fraud
  • Insurance fraud
  • Other types of fraud against the government

A whistleblower who identifies and reports False Claims Act violations may be awarded a portion of the money recovered by the government in a false claims act case and is afforded protection against employer retaliation.

Thinking of Blowing the Whistle?

Whistleblowers nationwide who would like to report fraudulent activity in the healthcare field. Click here.

Expose Fraud

Robbins LLP whistleblower attorneys have substantial experience investigating and prosecuting both SEC and False Claims Act whistleblower cases. If you have information about fraud in violation of the securities laws
or the False Claims Act, call us for a free evaluation of your potential case.




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